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19. “Environmental performance of graphene-based 3D macrostructures

N Yousefi, XL Lu, M Elimelech and N Tufenkji, Nature Nanotechnology (2019), 14, 107–119.

18.“Self-assembly of ultralarge graphene oxide nanosheets and alginate into layered nanocomposites for robust packaging materials

SX Weng, N Yousefi and N Tufenkji, ACS Applied Nano Materials (2019), 2, 1431–1444.

17.“Antimicrobial hierarchically porous graphene oxide sponges for water treatment

A Filina, N Yousefi, M Okshevsky and N Tufenkji, ACS Applied Bio Materials (2019), 2, 1578–1590.

16.“Hierarchically porous, ultra-strong reduced graphene oxide-cellulose nanocrystal sponges for exceptional adsorption of water contaminants

N Yousefi, KKW Wong, Z Hosseinidoust, HO Sørensen, S Bruns, Y Zheng and N Tufenkji, Nanoscale (2018), 10, 7171–7174.

Note: ACS C. Ellen Gonter Award in Environmental Chemistry; Louis-Berlinguet Student Researcher Award

15.“Are there nanoplastics in your personal care products?

L Hernandez, N Yousefi and N Tufenkji, Environmental Science and Technology Letters (2017), 7, 280–285.

14.“Probing the interaction between nanoparticles and lipid membranes by quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring

N Yousefi and N Tufenkji, Frontiers in Chemistry (2016), 4, 46. 

13.“Toward more free-floating model cell membranes: Method development and application to their interaction with nanoparticles

N Yousefi, A Wargenau and N Tufenkji, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2016), 8, 14339–14348. 

12.“Highly aligned graphene/polymer nanocomposites with excellent dielectric properties for high performance electromagnetic interference shielding” 

N Yousefi, N Sun, X Y Lin, X Shen, JJ Jia, B Zhang, BZ Tang, MS Chan and JK Kim, Advanced Materials (2014), 26, 5480–5487. 

Note: Designated as a Highly Cited Paper (top 1% of the field) by Web of Science

11.“Wrinkling in graphene sheets and graphene oxide papers

X Shen, XY Lin, N Yousefi, JJ Jia and JK Kim, Carbon (2014), 66, 84–92.

10.“Excellent optoelectrical properties of graphene oxide thin films deposited on a flexible substrate by Langmuir-Blodgett assembly

XY Lin, JJ Jia, N Yousefi, X Shen and JK Kim, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2013), 1, 6869–6877. 

9. “Simultaneous in-situ reduction, self-alignment and covalent bonding in graphene oxide/epoxy composites

N Yousefi, XY Lin, QB Zheng, X Shen, JR Pothnis, JJ Jia, E Zussman and JK Kim, Carbon (2013), 59, 406–417. 

[Impact Factor: 7.0/#citations: 148]

8. “Self-alignment and high electrical conductivity of ultra-large graphene oxide/polyurethane nanocomposites

N Yousefi, MM Gudarzi, QB Zheng, SH Aboutalebi, F Sharif and JK Kim, Journal of Materials Chemistry (2012), 22, 12709–12717. 

7. “Highly aligned ultra-large size reduced graphene oxide/polyurethane nanocomposites: mechanical properties and moisture permeability

N Yousefi, MM Gudarzi, QB Zheng, XY Lin, X Shen, JJ Jia, F Sharif and JK Kim, Composites Part A (2013), 49, 42–50. 

6. “Fabrication of highly-aligned, conductive, and strong graphene papers using ultralarge graphene oxide sheets

XY Lin, X Shen, QB Zheng, N Yousefi, L Ye, YW Mai and JK Kim, ACS Nano (2012), 6, 10708–10719. 

5. “Highly transparent and conducting ultralarge graphene oxide/single-walled carbon nanotube hybrid films produced by Langmuir-Blodgett assembly

QB Zheng, B Zhang, XY Lin, X Shen, N Yousefi, ZD Huang, ZG Li and JK Kim, Journal of Materials Chemistry (2012), 22, 25072–25082. 

4. “Transparent conductive films consisting of ultralarge graphene sheets produced by Langmuir-Blodgett assembly

QB Zheng, WH Ip, XY Lin, N Yousefi, KK Yeung, ZG Li and JK Kim, ACS Nano (2011), 5, 6039–6051. 

Note: Designated as a Highly Cited Paper (top 1% of the field) by Web of Science

3. “Self-assembled reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotube thin films as electrodes for supercapacitors

ZD Huang, B Zhang, SW Oh, QB Zheng, XY Lin, N Yousefi and JK Kim, Journal of Materials Chemistry (2012), 22, 3591–3599. 

2. “Effects of reduction process and carbon nanotube content on the supercapacitive performance of flexible graphene oxide papers

ZD Huang, B Zhang, R Liang, QB Zheng, SW Oh, XY Lin, N Yousefi and JK Kim, Carbon (2012), 50, 4239–4251. 

1. “Thermophysical and rheological behavior of polystyrene/silica nanocomposites: Investigation of nanoparticle content

HS Vaziri, IA Omaraei, M Abadyan, M Mortezaei and N Yousefi, Materials and Design (2011), 32, 4537–4542. 

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