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Opening of Yousefi Lab

We are delighted to announce the opening of the Yousefi Lab in Kerr Hall North (KHN-113) at Ryerson’s downtown Toronto campus. 

At Yousefi Lab for Self-assembled Nanomaterials, we develop advanced multifunctional materials for addressing some of the most pressing global challenges such as water quality, sustainable energy, and accessible healthcare. Our goal is to obtain the best performance by self-assembling nanomaterials at macro, micro, and nanoscales to obtain rationally designed, smart and multifunctional structures. In doing so, we constantly get inspiration by nature which has perfected the art of self-assembly through millions of years of evolution. Our research is at the intersection of chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering, environmental engineering and biological sciences. The three main themes of our research are 3D porous macrostructures for water treatment, bio-inspired multifunctional nanocomposites, and bio-nano interfaces.


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